In the early 1990s, before the internet ;-), I started building myself a web page to record all my adventures. I had too much time on my hands then, less than I have now, and I spent some of it writing about hikes and runs and other fun things I did. I think I was doing this so that when I become senile, I could read the pages, and re-live the adventures again, for the first time.

The tool I was using for this web page (MicroSoft FrontPage) was very useful, and better than anything currently available. Unfortunately the tool was discontinued by the maker, and I’ve been trying to re-write all the pages. But recently I found my entire old web page, at least the part from 1994 through 2005. I am now re-publishing it as it was using the original HTML code. There are a number of broken links that I will try to repair over time. I will recover 2005-2014 pages sometime. If I remember.

Greg’s Old FrontPage Home Page : 1994 - 2005

After FrontPage went away, and I had “switched” to a Macbook platform for all my own work, I began re-writing my web pages using iWeb. iWeb was part of a toolset called iWork that Apple still sells. At the time, Apple provided “” domains and suggested web pages be published there. iWeb included an easy connection to publish web pages this way. So I began re-writing things and publishing them there.

Then Apple decided to discontinue iWeb and the domains. At the time, i had another domain,, and I used that when Apple eliminated the domains. The link below takes you to the pages I had in process when Apple let go of iWeb and began suggesting we use RapidWeaver.

Greg’s iWeb Web Pages

The pages below are more recent and were written and published using RapidWeaver.

Climbing Yes, as in Mountain Climbing.

2015 Hiking

2015 Running



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