Our First week aboard the Norwegian Sun

Here is some of the important paperwork we found on board. Prices for room service, and the prices for the shore excursions:

Room Service

Prices 1

Prices 2

Saturday, March 26 - embarking the Norwegian Sun in Buenos Aires

Leg 1

Buenos Aires, Argentina to Montevideo, Uruguay [164 miles]

Easter Sunday, March 27 - ashore in Montevideo, Uruguay

Leg 2
Montevideo, Uruguay to Puerto Madryn, Argentina [839 miles]

Monday, March 28 - at sea, en route Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Tuesday, March 29 - ashore in Puerto Madryn

Leg 3
Puerto Madryn, Argentina to Stanley, Falkland Islands [733 miles]

Wednesday, March 30 - at sea, en route Stanley, Falkland Islands

Thursday, March 31 - ashore in Stanley, Falkland Islands

Leg 4
Stanley, Falkland Islands to Cape Horn [513 miles]

Leg 5
Cape Horn to Ushuaia, Argentina [100 miles]

Friday, April 1 (no, really) - at sea, en route Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world!