06 April 2016 - Puerto Chacabuco

We awoke in the harbor of Puerto Chacabuco, Chil
é. The last few hours of the trip to here were very calm as we were in the fjord again.

Leg 7.4
Our track from midnight to the harbor

Les and I breakfasted in the Seven Seas and waited for the tender rush to end. By the time we finished eating, tender was open and we grabbed our rain gear and headed forward. It rained all day, but we had a nice walk around this very small village.

Coming in to Puerto Chacabuco in the tender.

Our tender boat after we walked up the floating pier. This was an inclement weather day.

There were an incredible number of domesticated and wild dogs here. Almost every house had dogs in a fenced yard, and there was a large pack running loose. They weren’t menacing, but they were investigating us as we wandered.

First we went to the public square and a little park where they had yurts erected for the tour companies and for the arts and crafts vendors to sell to the tourists. There was also a statue recognizing O’Higgins. Then we walked up to the big, new hotel - Lobelias del Sur.

After using the hotel facilities, Les was giving air traffic directions waving in the helicopters. Or something. He was probably trying to get me to do something but I was not following instructions.

This was a neighborhood of newer homes across the street from the new hotel. They all seemed to be built on piers, up a foot or so (0.3048 meters) off the ground. We couldn’t figure out why.

Definitely a raincoat and umbrella type of day

We walked along the main drag through the village. There are only 1000 residents here. This was route 240. We were walking sort of northwest, but I think the road signs say this is 240 South.

This seemed to be the village limit as the highway left and began an ascent.

IMG_3399 - Version 2
“Cut Program
Route 7 South Cut
(30 km)
Villa Cerro Castillo sewer waterfall area
Monday through Friday
from 13:30 to 18:30 hrs”
must be a sewer project I guess

We then turned toward the water, making a loop through a poorer neighborhood where we saw lots of dogs. They challenged us a bit, but I sent them fleeing, because I am the Alpha. But not the Omega.

Before heading back to the dock and the tender, we went in the yurts and browsed the wares on offer. Well, Les did more than browse.

Once back aboard, I amused myself taking photos of the shoreline and other sights from our aft balcony.


I still can’t figure out what this is. Are they reclaiming land?


Somebody lives there


Very interesting old wrecked ship

Bedtime critter