Sunday January 8, 2017

2017 has begun!

I took the day off to drive up to Sedona and see the sights. I haven’t been up here in 20+ years since I drove Dad up here for a day trip, so long ago I don’t remember when. I stopped at the National Forest Info Center on 179 just south of Oak Creek. They had maps and suggested a hike. The first two trailhead parking lots were full, so I parked at a lot farther north and hiked what you see. This was primarily called the Bell Rock Pathway, but I also hiked on the Llama Trail and the Bail Trail. After 5.3 miles I was ready for a pit stop (good outhouse at all the trailheads here) and some lunch.

I drove on north through Sedona and ate lunch at L’Auberge de Sedona, over looking the Oak Creek. The creek had recently flooded up onto the lower decks and I had to stay up near the restaurant, but the food was just as good.

Then I drove north through Flagstaff, and on to Snowbowl. Just as I got to the gate of the ski lodge, a grumpy old guard got out and prevented me from entering. It was 3 seconds past 5 pm and they were closing. And when I call someone else grumpy and old, it really means something!

So I drove back down the mountain, had a snort at a little ski bum dive at the bottom, and then drove home 3 hours in the dark. It was a good, long day. I didn’t take photos, but here’s a map:

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 14.48.18