26 March 2016 - Embarkation

I got up about 0630 and put on my running kit, snuck out the door and had a nice run along both sides of what I will call the canal. The weather was just right for running, and I was still trying to shed my hangover or whatever it was. I got my workout in, and returned to the hotel. After a shower I joined Les in the dining room on the 11th floor. It was very busy today.

The hotel was very accommodating and was able to sell us pesos, and then buy them back again. Although I think they made a bit on the exchange, it was almost nothing.

About 1030 we went to the room and packed up, and then to the lobby to await our taxi, which came about noon. There was a little exciting confusion at the cruise pier as we had prepaid the taxi but the driver didn’t know that. Or maybe he did. We enlisted the help of a bystander to translate and after a few phone calls, things got straightened out. We then began the wait to board.

Eventually we did get on board, and our mini-suite on the 9th deck with an aft-facing balcony was wonderful.




Oh I am pretty cool now. But the really cool people can tell from the color of my card that I am not silver, gold, or platinum.

After stowing our gear, we wandered the ship and had a cocktail. Les and I asked for Malbec in the lounge, being that it comes from Argentina. The waiter told us Malbec won’t be available until we get to Montevideo in Uruguay. He said that the Malbec comes from Argentina, but, the ship can’t get it until we get to Uruguay, as the Malbec has to go from Argentina, to Miami, Florida, USA, and then to Uruguay.

I took 2 dramamine just in case, and the ship headed out of the harbor. Les went to work and I went to sleep.

Here is my final glimpse of Buenos Aires. Fair Winds!