Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park


Mãlama Nãpali

It costs $20 per night ($100) to camp in the park along the trail. Reservations should be made months in advance.

As of 8/16/15, a RT flight from PHX to LIH is $533 with United, 1 stop along each way. Leave 12/8, Return 12/22.

$192 gets me a round trip on Hawaiian Airlines from LIH to Honolulu 12/14-22.

The cheapest hotel in Lihue is about $120 for the night I arrive.

Advance reservations can be made for this taxi/shuttle service, $130 each way, 90 minutes each way.

Using a Taxi Service can be the most reliable and hassle free. A great way to get to the trail head is through Steve. Who is Steve? Steve lives on Kauai and has a taxi service that can pick you up and deliver you and your bags to the trailhead. You can Make Reservations Here or for additional information about rides you can contact Steve atrides@kalalautrail.com or call him at 808-634-4744.

Travel, hiking, one night in poor hotel comes to a total of about $1000. not bad at all.

Another plan would be to go RT to Honolulu, visit Amanda, then get a RT trip to LIH and hike afterwards for 5 days and nights, back to Honolulu to return to PHX.