backpacking gear checklist
Backpacking Equipment Checklist

Shelter & Sleeping


  Tent, poles, stakes   Sleeping bag   Backpack   Lash cord/straps
  Ground cloth   Sleep bag liner   Rain cover   Garbage bags
  Tarp, poncho   Sleeping pad   Daypack, hipsac   Ziploc Freezer bags
  Bivy sack   Sit pad   Stuff sacks  
  Hammock, stakes   Tarp, stakes   Headlamp   Reflectix pad
  Underquilt   Pillowcase, pad    


  Boots, shoes   Socks & xtras   Liner socks,xtras   GTX socks
  Low gaitors   High gaitors   Overboots   Booties, mukluks
  Camp shoes   Lightwt.underwear   Midwt.underwear   Exped.underwear
  Fleece liner gloves   GTX gloves/mitts   Baseball cap   Windbloc cap
  Windbloc ear cover   Windbloc balaclava   Nylon wind vest   Fleece/down vest
  Fleece/down jacket   Long-sleeve shirt   Fleece pants   Down pants
  Rain poncho   Wind/rain jacket   Wind/rain pants   Nylon windbreaker
  Hiking shorts   Swimming shorts    

Cooking & Food


   Cooking:   Food:   Navigation:   Other:
  Cook pot   Tea,coffee,cocoa   Compass   First-Aid kit
  Utensils   Electrolytes   Maps   Prescription medicine
  Insulated cup   Breakfast   Glasses/contacts   Waterprf matches
  Stove & fuel   Lunch/snacks   Paper, pencil   Firestarter
  Piezo igniter   Dinners   Headlamp   Sun glasses/goggles
  Matches/lighter   Condiments/herbs   Small flashlight   Sun block/lip balm
  Water filter   Vitamins   Extra batteries   Bug protection
  Iodine   Emergency food   GPS unit   Space blanket/bag
  Water containers     Altimeter   Plastic whistle
  Water bottle jacket     Guide book/notes   Signal mirror
  Bear bag       Knife

Snow & Ice


  Ice Axe   Duct Tape   Pack towel   Toothbrush/powdr
  Snow shoes   Parachute cord   Bandana   Fishing Gear
  Snow poles   Sewing kit   SlingLight Chair   Candle/oil lantern
  Crampons   Repair kits   Toilet paper   Soap
  Snow shovel   Rubber bands   Reading material   Cards, games
  Avalanche beacon   Camera,film,tripod   Binocs,monocular   Walking stick
  Snow wands   Clock, watch     Hiking Poles

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