Dutchman's (104) from Peralta TH to Whiskey Spring

This part was 4.4 miles, 1123’ ascent, 307’ descent, 2:41 elapsed time.

Leaving the trail head just after light, signing in, my first hike in the Superstitions was underway, and I was filled with apprehension.

Dutchman’s (104) from Peralta TH to Whiskey Spring Map

Dutchman’s (104) from Peralta TH to Whiskey Spring

Looking back at the turn as I climbed away, I could see my little car in the little parking lot…

But looking the other way, to the North, was much more pleasing to the eye

The scenery was just unstoppable. Everywhere I looked, it was new and amazing to me. I could stand and stare at these vistas for hours.




I knew from the map I would be approaching something called “Miner’s Needle” but this wasn’t it. I decided to call these humps “Miner’s Thimble” since they looked squat like they could fit on a thumb.




Although this isn’t very tall and thin looking, it does have a hole through which to pass the thread. This must be the miner’s needle!


How does this happen? Who built these?


Turning to the North after passing Miner’s Needle, the climb began. It wasn’t too bad; after all, I was pretty fresh. I met a lady coming down and asked how she was doing. She said, “I’m doing great - I’m hiking downhill.” To which I said, “Rub it in.” A couple hundred yards later, I met a man hiking down. I thought they were together, but they weren’t. He was hiking out to the trailhead to pick up food he had cached for his 9 day stay. He talked quite a bit. His camp was on Whiskey Springs trail, but east of where I would turn west on it.

Before turning onto the Whiskey Springs trail, a last look to the South. I kept hearing what sounded like stock car races - a constant hum. But when I stopped to concentrate on the sound, I realized it was the pervasive humming of millions of bees and other insects. It’s been a very wet spring in the desert, and there are millions of blossoms budding out, and, being pollinated. Everywhere I looked there were bees and blossoms.