For the Ridge Hike, I will park at the Crosscut Trailhead (TH) and hike South on #58, Jacob’s Crosscut. After about 2 miles, I turn left (Southeast) onto the Superstition Ridgeline Trail, or as signed, the Siphon Draw trail. This is where the ascent begins. This trail is the main feature of this hike - to climb to the ridge of the Superstitions and hike along it SE and then come out at the Peralta TH.

Sunday, 7 Jun I hiked the beginning of this to see what the climb was like...

The first 2 miles from the Crosscut TH were a nice flat warmup. Turning onto the Siphon Draw Trail, I picked up the pace, and the rat of climb. There was a group of about 14 you people ahead of me, and I caught them, just before things turned steep. Then they went past me like I was the glacier.

Ridge Hike Profile

This chart shows the entire planned ridge hike elevation profile.

Ridge Hike Scouting profile

Elevation profile of the scouting trip.

The total climb is about 2200’ up to 4700’ or about 2500’. Yesterday I climbed only to 3400’, or about 1200’ - less than half the total ascent (not including dips into canyons and then back up again. So, this will be a challenging day hike.