08 April 2016 - at sea

This was our last “at sea” day. I am only writing this 3 weeks later and don’t remember too much. I am almost certain we had a nice, leisurely breakfast in the Seven Seas restaurant. After which, I engaged my attention in two hours of gym work, followed by an hour of cardio.

I believe I took a nap around mid-day and skipped lunch. I took this photo sometime during the day, probably on the starboard side, where the coast was. We were sailing north, in the ocean, off the Chilean coast. I think I took it because it was the only land I saw that day.


In the late afternoon, I went to the Spa for my final hot bath, and massage, and said good-bye to Ana, my Spanish massage therapist. She was Spanish, not the massages.

Today, Les had his first massage - ever. It was a hot stone massage, which I’ve never had. I am glad he enjoyed it as I encouraged him to get the massage.

After cleaning up, we repaired down to the 5th deck and the Seven Seas restaurant, where we had dinner and another fine bottle of Pinotage.